KZA Zielonka

Firm organization

The Company Authorities

The President of the Board - Mirosław Spaltabaka
The Vice-chairman of the Board - Marek Karwowski

The organization

KZA Zielonka is a company operating mostly in the sphere of railway automatic control engineering, telecommunication and power engineering.
The owners of the company are physical persons only. The engineering-technical personnel of the Company mainly originates form The National Enterprise named Kolejowe Zakłady Automatyki in Zielonka, operating 1918-1991 as the part of PKP Polish Railways in the field of protection of the railway traffic and communication.
Long experience and traditions in the sphere of construction-assembly activity, resulting from performed tasks, won appreciation among many Investors of the forwarding infrastructure, such as PKP, TP S.A., ELEKTRIM, THE WARSAW UNDERGROUND, NETIA and EL-NET.
Our employees gained international experience while being responsible for the construction project of the telecommunication cable line for the OSE Greek railways. They also proved their effectiveness during the construction project of train operation devices in difficult weather conditions in Arabic countries, like Iraq.

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