KZA Zielonka

Our offer


In the area of automatic control systems, the basic construction-assembly activity of the company includes services of design and execution of:
  • train control systems for the stations and railway lines and industrial stations, which contains mechanical, relay and computer devices,
  • automatic highway crossing signaling systems and devices, along with the accompanying infrastructure,
  • industrial television systems and devices.

We offer the construction of:
  • power lines of up to 15kV,
  • power energy devices of low and medium voltage,
  • road signaling system devices, external and internal lighting systems.

We offer following design and construction support in the telecommunication service field:
  • optical telecommunication lines - linear works, assembly and measuring,
  • telephone networks including: main and distributing cable sewage system; main, distributing and subscriber's cable lines, full range of TKD long-distance cable lines and TKM local cable lines (cabling, assembling, measuring),
  • structural cabling networks,
  • technical installations in buildings, factories and other public utilities (time networks, telephone and teletype service networks, fire, anti-burglary systems - including designing, maintaining, service and monitoring).
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